Week Two


We have finished Week 2 in our trip through East Africa, which brings us to the end of our stay at Rafiki Africa Ministries. The two weeks have gone by quickly, but we have captured so much footage to create our short film on the work of Rafiki Africa Ministries. On our final night we had a campfire where all the kids got to say thank you and goodbye.

We built a small vocal booth out of four mattresses to record interviews with the staff to be used in this documentary. The soft mattresses prevent the sound from reverbing and echoing, as well as eliminating sound from the noisy children's home. Film making is all about problem solving and using whatever you have around you.

In May 2018, I held an exhibition called 'Voices Unheard', which showcased the films and photos from my previous three month stay with Rafiki Africa Ministries. So many generous people donated to help the work of Rafiki Africa Ministries, which allowed for us to donate some items to the children's home.

We bought a four person swing set and slide which the kids love playing on. Over the weekend we took the kids swimming at a nearby water park, which made them all very tired. We also bought a new TV which the kids and staff all use. The old TV was a small 20 inch TV with a tiny image, which they all used to crowd around to watch educational programs, and for movie nights on Friday. The new TV allows them to sit back and watch from a distance. We also surprised the kids and staff during their movie night with lots of ice cream. Thank you to all the generous people who have donated to the work of Rafiki Africa Ministries.

During our time at Rafiki Africa Ministries, we have also been taking portraits of the children using a Godox AD200 and a Sony a99ii with a 50mm f1.4.

During our stay at Rafiki, we go and visit different organisations in Uganda to see and help in the work that they do. One of the places we visited is an organisation called Elizabeth House, which is a home which takes care of 30 children with disabilities. Some of these children have been abandoned by their parents due to their disability.

These kids live a hard life, being disabled, in a developing country and without parents. The work of Elizabeth House is incredible, and we were deeply moved by their story, so we used the DSLR we had on us, and a handheld audio recorder to capture some interviews with the staff members, and film some of the activities. Our plan is to put together a small video for them that can help show the work that they do and help them to spread awareness, and bring donations to their organisation. We were not planning on making a video for them, but their story was so moving that we had to use what we had on us to put something together. Hopefully the footage we managed to capture in the few hours we stayed there will be enough to edit the small video. We brought a guitar and some African drums to play music for them to dance and sing to, and I set up my camera to shoot some portraits of the children. I am still editing the portraits, and I am very excited to share them once they are complete.

Today we are driving to Buwooya, a small village in Uganda, to tell the story of a small primary school, and their dream to see an educated Uganda. We will stay at Buwooya for two weeks before we fly to Ethiopia.

Thanks for following the adventure!

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