Week Six


This week we finished our stay with Valerie Browning and the APDA team. One of the most special moments was getting to stay overnight with one of the nomadic groups in the desert. David and I slept outside under the stars next to a very aggressive cow who was restrained with a rope tied around a rock.

Previously I never understood why people lived nomadic lives, but after spending a night with a nomadic group I have gotten a small glimpse at their culture and communal way of life, and it is very special, and should be protected.

After finishing our time with APDA in the Afar region in northern Ethiopia we flew back to the capital city Addis Ababa. Our original plan was to travel to the Gondar region, and work in a small town on the Sudanese border called Metema. Unfortunately that area is now a conflict zone, and to travel there we would be travelling in a military convoy. Travelling into that kind of environment sounded temptingly adventurous, but no story is worth a serious injury or your life.

Instead with a change of plans we travelled with Action Ethiopia, a partner of SUNARMA (Sustainable Natural Resource Management Association) to the Oromia region. We worked in two districts called Wuchale and Jidda to capture the work of SUNARMA in creating wells for the people to use. They have constructed over 100 wells, which provides clean water all throughout the year. They showed us their water sources which they had to use before the construction of the wells which they shared with animals.

This is the final week that David will be in Africa with me, he flies back to Perth, Australia and I will spend two more weeks in Ethiopia. I am so grateful for all of his help on the trip in recording sound and composing music for these films. He has also been such a great travel partner, not many people could travel through a dusty, 40 degree desert and sleep in $5 hotels. I will miss having him around for my final two weeks in Ethiopia.

Next week I will be travelling to Wof Washa forest, completing a four day trek in some very cold weather. I'm not sure what I've gotten myself into for this part, but apparently it is very beautiful.

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